Last month, Filecoin Foundation came together to host its first-ever Governance Summit, a three-day series of meetings, brainstorming sessions, and design sprints. The Summit was designed to give the Foundation team an opportunity to deeply understand, analyze, and propose improvements to the mechanisms and processes of community governance.

Participants focused…

Filecoin Foundation and Protocol Labs periodically award funding to critical development projects to foster a more robust and efficient decentralized web through the Filecoin ecosystem. Last month, we awarded five Microgrants and eight Open Grants to support the development of a wide range of innovative platforms and projects.

Dev Grants…

A native implementation in Rust🌲

Filecoin Mainnet launched one year ago this week, opening up the decentralized storage protocol to developers, storage providers, and Web3 enthusiasts worldwide. Today, we welcome the next phase of ecosystem growth with the launch of Forest, an implementation of the Filecoin protocol written in Rust.

Implementations are a critical component…

Filecoin Foundation

The Filecoin Foundation (FF) is an independent organization dedicated to developing Filecoin and related technologies. The Foundation does this by coordinating

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