This is the latest post in our series highlighting the builders and innovators creating new tools and services on the Filecoin network. Learn more about the Filecoin Foundation’s Dev Grants program, and read up on Wave 9 recipients.

DataStation is a platform that enhances the decentralized storage experience on the Filecoin network by providing storage providers and clients with standardized storage performance data in a format that's both easy to store and to understand. …

As an open-source, decentralized protocol, the success of the Filecoin network is inextricably linked with the development of its community. It is for this reason that the Filecoin Foundation supports community capacity building, or finding ways to empower the development of individuals, ideas, resources, and solutions within the Filecoin ecosystem.

In order to achieve the ecosystem’s long-term vision, it is important that all community members are empowered to engage with the growing network in a variety of ways. Critically, this includes both technical and non-technical opportunities for engagement. Humanity’s most important data, as well as the vision of a fully…

The Filecoin Foundation has launched Storage Provider Bounty Board, an open tool for coordinating work priorities and tapping the collective knowledge of the Filecoin ecosystem in crowdsourcing solutions for the storage provider community.

The goal of the Storage Provider Bounty Board is to:

  1. Improve Filecoin’s ecosystem and community support by working with community members and contributors.
  2. Motivate more contributors to participate in the Filecoin project and to solve open issues by rewarding ongoing & existing contributors that add significant value to Filecoin.

Visit the Storage Provider Bounty Board panel on the Filecoin Project Github, under the community repositories, to check…

Wave 10 and other deadlines are approaching — apply now!

The Filecoin Foundation and Protocol Labs award funding on a monthly basis to critical development projects to foster a more robust and efficient decentralized web through the Filecoin ecosystem. You can learn more about the DevGrants here.

For Wave 9, we’ve reviewed and awarded the following projects aligned with our strategic goals in providing a healthier ecosystem.

Lotus Farcaster v3
This new release for Farcaster, which is already used by more than 400 Filecoin miners worldwide, will offer more support to the new lotus split mode architecture and make it reusable for other projects by providing all the functions in a…

Mapping a world of digital content onto our analog planet

This is the first post in our series highlighting the builders and innovators creating new tools and services on the Filecoin network. Learn more about our Dev Grants program, including how to apply for grants, here. And read up on Wave 8 recipients.

The Geo Web project, a participant in Filecoin’s Developer Grants program, is a set of open protocols that creates novel property rights for augmented reality (AR) content. Geo Web allows publishers to place digital content, like art or music, at a physical location in the world and have users discover it based on their location — as…

Today, we’re thrilled to announce the launch of “The Future Rules,” a new podcast series dedicated to exploring the intersection of Web3 and the many factors that impact the growth and viability of a decentralized web.

Co-hosted by Filecoin Foundation Board Chair Marta Belcher and veteran journalist Angie Lau, editor-in-chief of Forkast News, “The Future Rules” takes on a range of issues — from non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and central bank digital currencies (CBDCs), to mining, digital privacy, and beyond — in order to chart the ever-expanding Web3 landscape and its implications.

Our debut episode takes on decentralized finance (DeFi) with…

Today, the Filecoin community approved Filecoin Improvement Proposal 18 (FIP-0018), which reframes how we message around the storage market and those who participate in it as storage providers. The decision was made after several weeks of soliciting input and feedback on FIP-0018 from across the Filecoin community.

FIPs are the primary way that Filecoin community members can submit, discuss, and approve changes to the Filecoin protocol. FIP-0018 formally changes the nomenclature from “miners” to “storage providers” in marketing assets, documentation, communication channels. With this proposal, we are moving toward a naming convention that better represents our community partners who provide…

The Filecoin community is currently considering Filecoin Improvement Proposal (FIP) 0018, which proposes to rebrand network “miners” as “storage providers”.

The change was initiated by miners themselves, who argue that the term “storage provider” is a better representation of the role they play in the network. The current FIP-0018 Draft Proposal lists this and other perspectives as the primary motivator for the revision.

Many members of the Filecoin community have already weighed in on this issue. This includes miners as well as developers, ambassadors, and others who participate in the Filecoin ecosystem in unique ways. …

The Filecoin Foundation is delighted to welcome new members to our growing workforce of professionals dedicated to research, development, and community engagement around open source, decentralized storage, and nurturing the Filecoin ecosystem. And our team continues to expand. We’re still looking for talented grant program managers, communications professionals and more to join us in this mission. Check out our current openings.

Here’s a snapshot of our newest colleagues, including the range of skill sets and experience they bring and their thoughts on joining Filecoin in our collective mission to preserve humanity’s most important information:

Hunter Treseder, Senior Fellow for Social Impact

Hunter joins the Filecoin community after…

Filecoin Foundation Board Chair Marta Belcher testified before the U.S. Senate Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs on July 27 in a hearing titled “Cryptocurrencies: What are they good for?” Marta’s testimony highlighted the benefits of cryptocurrency and explained Filecoin as one example of a use case that could serve as the foundation for the next generation of the Internet.

Marta explained that cryptocurrency can make it possible to send monetary value across the globe instantly and securely, and the importance of the ability to program money. She explained that this technology can be used to create a decentralized…

Filecoin Foundation

The Filecoin Foundation (FF) is an independent organization dedicated to developing Filecoin and related technologies. The Foundation does this by coordinating

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