Filecoin Foundation Introduces FIL Lisbon 2022 to Bring the Web3 Community Together, Announces Speakers

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3 min readOct 17, 2022


Week-long event welcomes 50+speakers to explore FVM, sustainability, NFTs, the metaverse, Web3 and more through the perspective of the Filecoin community

OCTOBER 17, 2022Filecoin Foundation — an independent organization that facilitates governance of the Filecoin network, funds critical development projects, supports the growth of the Filecoin ecosystem, and advocates for Filecoin and the decentralized web — unveils the details of FIL Lisbon, the first major gathering of the Filecoin community in Lisbon, Portugal, taking place October 30 — November 4.

The six-day event will feature over 50 industry-leading speakers and will convene builders, developers, storage providers, ecosystem partners, clients, and investors from across Web3 and the Filecoin ecosystem. FIL Lisbon is bringing the community together for workshops, hackathons, panels, meetups, networking, happy hours and more in one of the world’s preeminent cities for blockchain technology.

FIL Lisbon Main Stage Days will take place at the LX Factory on October 31 and November 1. We’re welcoming top speakers from around the Web3 ecosystem to the FIL Lisbon stage to discuss the most pertinent issues affecting the Filecoin ecosystem today, including:

  • Juan Benet, CEO and Founder, Protocol Labs
  • Marta Belcher, President and Chair, Filecoin Foundation
  • Illia Polosukhin, Co-Founder, NEAR
  • Kristin Smith, Executive Director, Blockchain Association
  • Jonathan Dotan, Founding Director, Starling Lab
  • Kurt Opsahl, Deputy Executive Director and General Counsel, Electronic Frontier Foundation
  • Angie Lau, CEO and Founder, Forkast News
  • Michael Morisy, Chief Executive Officer, MuckRock
  • Jeff Bandman, COO and GC, 6529 Group
  • Eugenia Filippova, Segment Lead, Everstake
  • More speakers to be announced

“The Filecoin ecosystem has seen tremendous growth this year. The amount of client data onboarded to the network has increased 9x to over 230 PiB in 2022 and is growing ~25% month over month. Clients storing data to Filecoin include traditional Web2 institutions with large datasets and growing Web3 applications, such as, which now stores 140M uploads from 80K+ users,” said Colin Evran, Ecosystem Lead at Protocol Labs. “FIL Lisbon provides this engaged and growing community an opportunity to connect, learn, and share ideas on how to bring more startups and use cases to the world’s largest decentralized network. We look forward to seeing everyone there.”

Amidst hackathons and meetups, FIL Lisbon includes the following events:

  • October 30 — The Filecoin Interplanetary Party: Kick off FIL Lisbon with the Filecoin community and celebrate two years since Filecoin mainnet launch.
  • October 31 — November 1 — Main Stage Days: The two-day Main Stage programming will include insightful talks from top-notch speakers and panel discussions from the world’s foremost Filecoin ecosystem participants. Additionally, we’re hosting interactive workshops with Web3 builders, who will take attendees through the Filecoin roadmap, world of Filecoin Virtual Machine (FVM), NFTs, sustainability, updates from the storage provider ecosystem, the metaverse, and beyond.

Additionally, from October 24 — November 4, Filecoin Foundation is hosting a hacker base with Fission Codes and Lightshift. It will be a place for co-working, workshops, and lightning talks throughout the week.

“The Filecoin Foundation is so thrilled to be bringing together the Filecoin community in Lisbon, two years after Filecoin mainnet launch, following a year of tremendous network growth,” says Marta Belcher, President and Chair of Filecoin Foundation.

FIL Lisbon is open to everyone and provides a unique opportunity for people within and outside of the blockchain industry to learn, build, connect, and venture into the exciting prospects of the future of Web3. You can register for the FIL Lisbon kickoff party and Main Stage days here. For more information about the event, visit

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