Filecoin Storage Provider Spotlight — Seal Storage Technology

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2 min readMar 31, 2022

This is one in a series of periodic blog posts devoted to profiling Filecoin storage providers. In these posts, we examine what they bring to — and the benefits they derive from — the Filecoin ecosystem.

Seal Storage Technology Inc was founded to accelerate the adoption of decentralized cloud storage. Seal’s advanced infrastructure and services enable large organizations to seamlessly store files on the Filecoin network. Seal is revolutionizing the $76 billion cloud storage market by providing an immutable, green, and affordable home for data.

Led by a team with over 100 years of experience in enterprise data storage from Seagate, Oracle, Cisco, and more, Seal has already established itself as a top storage provider in North America, with over 20PB of capacity across the US and Canada — and growing!

For Seal, decentralized storage establishes the foundation for the next generation of the web, unlocking ownership, security, and verifiability of data. In addition, Seal has delivered on its vision for carbon-neutral storage–with its operations being powered completely by renewable energy.

As one of the earliest providers on the Filecoin network, Seal has worked in close collaboration with Filecoin Foundation, Protocol Labs, and a global network of storage providers to drive network adoption.

“It has been inspirational to engage with customers — both traditional enterprises and Web3 companies,” said Michael Horowitz, CEO of Seal. “They have provided us with incredibly positive feedback on how Seal’s Filecoin-based storage solves many of their data storage costs and technology-related pain points. In addition, many of these conversations have led to upcoming pilot projects, which will result in significant data being on-boarded to the Filecoin network.”

Looking ahead, Seal’s CTO, Jacques Swanepoel, sees a significant opportunity for Seal and Filecoin to advance Web3. “Fundamentally, computers do two things: data processing and data storage. Web3 can be thought of as one giant, distributed computer that will support revolutionary new applications and services. For the true value of Web3 to be unlocked, scalable decentralized storage is an imperative prerequisite.”

Seal is currently scaling its infrastructure, software, and business development to enhance the user experience and adoption of Filecoin–and Web3 more broadly.



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