Hack Away in Summer 2021

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3 min readJul 12, 2021


This summer, the Filecoin Foundation is supporting numerous hackathons for community members. Hackathons let developers and other creatives collaborate on a project over a set period of time with the goal of producing a functioning software by the end of the event. When community members participate in hackathons using Filecoin, they add valuable new tools and programs to the Filecoin ecosystem. Not to mention, the most innovative creators have the chance to win big prizes!

Below are the details on hackathons you can participate in this summer, plus some bonus events to put on your calendar.

Filecoin Grant Global Online Hackathon

A collaboration between Filecoin and hackathon organizer DoraHacks, the Filecoin Grant Global Online Hackathon supports early-stage developer projects that build next-generation decentralized protocols and applications involving Filecoin and IPFS. With an impressive assembly of sponsors, including Filecoin Foundation, Protocol Labs, Textile, IPFSForce, and FilSwan, this hackathon has a massive prize pool of $115,000 USD split between all applicants that receive votes. The submission deadline is July 18, so make sure to sign up now! You can also get involved by participating in community voting to help award your favorite projects a slice of the prize pool.

NFT Vision Hack

The NFT Vision Hack brings together talented creatives and engineers to innovate in the emerging world of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). The global online event takes place July 3 to August 30 and has four tracks for development teams to choose from. The Gaming & NFTs track invites developers to build on IPFS or Filecoin and compete for prizes in FIL. Plus, you can use NFT.Storage for free hosting of your assets and metadata on IPFS to ensure high performance and persistence of your NFTs. Register now to get in on the $68,000 USD prize pool and shape the future of NFTs on Filecoin.

Browsers 3000

Browsers 3000 is a virtual hackathon to accelerate the development of Web3 browsers through experimentation, collaboration, and competition. This program offers majors prizes for teams with the most inventive browser projects, like a grand prize of $10,000 USD in FIL and an additional prize pool of $20,000 USD in FIL to be split among teams using IPFS, Filecoin, or libp2p. Registration is open for this event taking place from July 8 to August 19.


This ETHGlobal virtual hackathon, sponsored by the Filecoin Foundation, challenges developers to help build the foundation for Web3 by innovating in the world of dapps, decentralized storage, and more. HackFS offers participants support from the Filecoin and Protocol Labs ecosystems by connecting teams to mentors and community experts to help them deliver a product that advances the decentralized web (and gives them a shot at the more than $100,000 USD prize pool). Mark your calendars for July 30 to August 20 and don’t wait to register to help create a better future for the web.

Filecoin Club

Encode Club, a community of university students, researchers, and developers building in blockchain, is introducing Filecoin Club to educate the next generation of students about Filecoin’s technology. Even though this hackathon does not begin until October, anyone can get involved during this summer’s 12-week program of educational events on all things Filecoin and IPFS. In the fall, join the 8-week hackathon to build projects on Filecoin and compete for prizes, including the chance to be selected for the Filecoin Club Accelerator program. See how you can engage with the Filecoin Club here.

Need Inspiration?

Check out these winners of past hackathons that the Filecoin Foundation has supported. Last summer’s Spark University Hackathon winner, DeepVerse, enabled researchers to make the machine-learning models they’ve developed publicly available, using the Filecoin network to store and distribute them. A location-based NFT AR game called CryptoLlama was named the best tool for easing storage and retrieval of data with Filecoin at the Chainlink Spring 2021 Hackathon. Most recently, NiftySubs, a decentralized video streaming platform where users can watch premium content from their favorite creators, won the Protocol Labs prize at HackMoney 2021.

For more hackathon updates, follow us on Twitter @FilFoundation. You can also join us in chat in the Filecoin Slack. We’ll see you there!



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